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How can you sell your tickets online? Do you have a question regarding Cortex Tickets? Are you stuck or you not sure how one of our features is working? This page answers the important questions about Cortex Tickets and your ticket sale.
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1.) Registrierung

- Is the registration free of charge?

Yes, registration is free. At Cortex Tickets you only pay a service fee per sold ticket. We not only guarantee a fair pricing model, but also you only pay for what you really need.

2.) Veranstaltung anlegen

- How do I assign different price categories?

When creating the event under "prices and categories" you can assign different categories with different names and prices.

- How can I give discounts to young people or seniors?

Just use more categories and enter the name of the respective discount label.

- I want to sell tickets, but not for an event.

At Cortex Tickets we always speak about an event to use a common terminology, because this concept applies for almost all cases. Of course, you can sell with us all kinds of tickets, even if your project is not covered by the term event (e.g. coupons, special offers, ...).

- Why do I need to specify an Internet address?

To ensure that your customers can reach the tickets easily, when creating a new event assign an Internet address in the form http://your-choice.cortex-tickets.com. This address can be easily spread and apply.

- I created an event, but now I do not want to sell tickets.

In this case, just close the ticket sale in the event overview. After that, no more tickets can be sold for this event.

- Which information is mandatory when you create an event?

You must specify a title and a venue. In addition, the date of the event must be selected. For each event, at least one category with price and number of available tickets must be sets. Finally you must choose a period of time in which the tickets are available to be chosen.

- Why can't I make any more changes in my event after the online sale begins?

Once the pre-sale has started, the information you entered is visible for your customers. Since customers may have already purchased tickets based on this information, they would not be informed about your changes.

3.) Veranstaltungsdaten anzeigen

- Where can I see the information about my event?

After a successful login, you will find a link in the menu "View events". Here you can get an overview of all the events you have created. Not only can you see the current running sales, but you can also make changes, create free tickets or block individual tickets. Once you close the ticket sale, here you can find the guest list, the information for the software and the billing of the event.

- Why are not all the links selectable?

Links such as the guest list or the information for the software are only available after closing the ticket pre-sale. When the event has already been closed, the links are no longer accessible for changes. This ensures that no further sale take place, after producing the relevant documents for the admission.

- What does it mean to close the ticket sale?

A ticket sale is active until you close it. Active means that the information (e.g., number of tickets, end of the sales, and so on) can be changed or tickets for presale are available. After concluding the ticket sale, the guest list and the data for the software are available. Moreover, the billing will be processed. Thus, after the close of ticket sales, no changes are possible. With the closing of a ticket sales you instruct us automatically with the settlement of your event.

4.) Verkaufsseite festlegen/designen

- What is the difference between the standard design and the design of a single event?

The standard design gives you the possibility to set your own design - deviating from our standard design- and to give all your events a uniform picture. However, it may also happen that you want to have a different design for a particular event, for example, because the colours of the flyer of this event do not match the normal colour. Cortex tickets offers you in such a case, to determine its own design for each individual event. In addition, your set standard design is used for the event overview.

- What possibilities for individual design do I have?

You can determine a cover image that replaces our titles "Cortex Tickets" and can be seen during the entire sales process at the top of the page. You can also specify the background colour, the heading colour and text colour of the links. For each event, you can also upload a flyer and enter a text description.

- What should I consider when creating a design?

First, you should proceed carefully when choosing your colours, and regarding the preview image check if the potential buyers can see and read all the texts well. Also make sure that your cover image has a size of 889x96 pixels.

- Can I change the design any time?

Yes, it is always possible to change your specified design.

5.) Veranstaltungsübersicht anlegen

- What is the event overview?

The event overview allows you to offer more of your created events on a summary page. You can provide this overview page with its own subdomain and thus make available several events under a Web address. This is for example useful if you want to promote a number of different performances of a play at the same time.

- In which order do the events appear in the event overview?

The sequence of the events is independent of the order in which you create them, they can be freely determined by you.

- What happens to events whose advance sale is completed?

These events are not automatically deleted from the event list as it is desired in most cases, these events are retained in the list. A simple reason for this is, for example, is not to give the impression that there are few events but to present all the events on the overview page, even if some of them have already past. If you would like to remove events from the event list, this is easily done via your Admin area where you can remove at any time any events from the list or add them.

6.) Der Kunde kauft Ihre Tickets

- Where can the customer buy my tickets?

When you create an event, you assign an Internet address in the form http://your-choice.cortex-tickets.de. There your tickets become available. You have the option to continue to customize this site (e.g. changing font and background color, store text, upload graphics, etc.). Here you can see a sample event page:Example Event

You also have the possibility to integrate the ticket sales on your own homepage. The source code for this can be found in the admin section at your event.

- Can I integrate the ticket sale on my website?

Yes, you have the option to integrate the ticket sales via iFrame on your own homepage. The source code for this can be found in the admin section at your event.

- Which contact information is displayed to buyers?

The buyers can see your address and public telephone number or e-mail address. If you specified a company/organization, it replaces the address in their given names and surnames.

- How does the customer pay?

The customer can purchase your tickets by bank transfer, credit card (VISA, MasterCard) or Giropay.

- How does the customer receives the ticket?

After a successful payment, the ticket is available in PDF version. In addition, the customer will receive the ticket within a few minutes via e-mail. He will be repeatedly asked to print the ticket and present it at the admission control.

- Does Cortex Tickets also sends tickets by post?

No. The advance sale by Cortex tickets takes place exclusively online. Only in this way we can guarantee a fast, simple and cost-effective service.

- FAQ for ticket buyers

Here you can view the FAQ for ticket buyers: FAQ for ticket buyers

7.) Einlasskontrolle

- What are the possibilities for admission control?

There are several ways to control the admission. From printing out a guest list with the use of our provided free software, a barcode scanner, an iPhone App, Android App, etc.. Under the menu item Process some options are displayed. The software can be found at Downloads.

- How does the admission control by guest list works?

The tickets of an event are numbered. Below the ticket number is a check digit consisting of 2 letters. Check the appropriate check digit on your guest list and check off the visitors.

- Can I use any barcode scanner?

Yes, the software works with all popular barcode scanners. You can use any scanner, if your operating system supports the necessary drivers for it.

- Can I operate multiple access control points at the same time?

Yes. On request, you can operate with our software over a local network several access control points. You will just need in each admission point another Notebook.

8.) Abrechnung

- When do I receive the credit for my event?

The billing of the events will take place usually within a week after the event date.

9.) Rückabwicklung und Absagen